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Latest price update was as of end of day: 2022-06-24

Funds with five day losses.
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M PCRIX PIM COM REAL RET I 6.540000 -6.838%
M FLATX FID LATIN AMERICA 18.530000 -2.113%
M VBLLX VANG LT BOND IDX IS 11.770000 -0.926%
M DFIVX DFA INTL VALUE I 17.540000 -0.623%
M FFRHX FID FLOAT RT HI INC 8.960000 -0.555%
M PEBIX PIM EM MKTS BD INST 8.270000 -0.121%
M FNMIX FID NEW MARKETS INC 11.650000 -0.086%