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Latest price update was as of end of day: 2021-09-17

Funds with year-to-date losses.
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M FHKCX FID CHINA REGION 50.460000 -9.342%
M FLATX FID LATIN AMERICA 21.610000 -7.372%
M PELBX PIM EM LC BOND INST 6.450000 -4.948%
M VUSUX VANG LT TREASURY ADM 12.900000 -4.439%
M PFUIX PIM INTL BOND UH I 10.190000 -4.158%
M PGOVX PIM LT US GOVT INST 5.700000 -4.147%
M FSEAX FID EMERGING ASIA 65.870000 -3.572%
M RCWGX AF CAP WORLD BOND R6 20.580000 -2.962%
M VWETX VANG LT INV GR ADM 11.350000 -1.796%
M VBIMX VANG INTM BOND INST 12.230000 -1.420%
M VFIUX VANG INTM TREAS ADM 11.480000 -1.166%
I TBOND TOTAL BOND MARKET 2.960000 -1.003%
M PFORX PIM INTL BD US$H I 10.890000 -0.802%
M FFXSX FID LTD TERM GOVT 10.190000 -0.739%
M VFIDX VANG INTM INV GR ADM 10.230000 -0.540%
M VFIJX VANG GNMA ADM 10.650000 -0.465%
M FGMNX FID GNMA 11.700000 -0.416%
M VBITX VANG ST BOND IDX IS 10.760000 -0.414%
M PTTRX PIM TOTAL RT INST 10.430000 -0.249%
I CORBD LONG-TERM CORP BOND 5.130000 -0.195%
M VFIRX VANG ST TREASURY ADM 10.700000 -0.170%
M PTSAX PIM TOT RTN ESG INST 9.530000 -0.054%
M VSGDX VANG ST FEDERAL ADM 10.930000 -0.030%